Since 1884

Five generations of our family have taken care of the land, river and animals that have sustained us. For our family, who lives and works here, there is no better place. 

We believe in producing food that is good for the land, the animals, the producers and the consumer. Because of you, meat eater, we are able to continue doing what we love and were born to do. We take care of this little piece of land and we still get to do that as a family. So, thank you. 

Here is what some people are saying...

"Its trim matriarch, Liza Jane McAlister, raises grass-fed cattle and runs a self-service roadside stand selling eggs, honey and some of the best cuts of beef in Oregon." - Jess Chamberlain (Sunset Magazine)

"But that burger is the reason to drive six hours to Enterprise. It's made with a third of a pound of grass-fed beef from 6 Ranch, a local operation working with the Corriente breed, descended from the cattle the Spanish turned loose on the open range upward of 500 years ago. Mine was a perfect medium, with rich juiciness bursting out onto the melty blue cheese atop the patty" -Martin Cizmar (Willamette Week)

"We begged McAlister to share her family’s coveted burger recipe and were surprised to learn it’s a dish that requires no written recipe. Because the beef is so fresh and flavorful, her family adds no fillers or seasonings to the meat (not even salt)." - Oregon's Seven Edible Wonders (1859 Magazine

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