A Family Ranch, since 1884. 


James W. McAlister first saw Wallowa County as a boy on a hunting trip in 1876 and he was forever enamored, vowing to come back and raise his family there, which he did. Along with his hardy wife, Belle, he settled on a piece of land with rich soil, diverse wildlife and a winding river. Five generations later, we are still striving to be the best stewards of the land, river and animals that sustain us.

Today, there are three homes of the McAlister family living and working on the ranch. We raise Corriente Cattle, Quarter Horses, Cow Dogs, Bees, Gardens and do our best to preserve western traditions, restore ecosystems and produce healthy food. 



Grass-Fed Corriente Beef, raised on the abundance of Wallowa County.

Our beef is flavorful, lean and nutritious. Because The Corriente is small framed and athletic, their meat is small portioned and naturally less fatty. Did we mention the flavor? You've never had beef like this.

What some other people are saying...

"But that burger is the reason to drive six hours to Enterprise. It's made with a third of a pound of grass-fed beef from 6 Ranch, a local operation working with the Corriente breed, descended from the cattle the Spanish turned loose on the open range upward of 500 years ago. Mine was a perfect medium, with rich juiciness bursting out onto the melty blue cheese atop the patty" -Martin Cizmar (Willamette Week)

"We begged McAlister to share her family’s coveted burger recipe and were surprised to learn it’s a dish that requires no written recipe. Because the beef is so fresh and flavorful, her family adds no fillers or seasonings to the meat (not even salt)." - Oregon's Seven Edible Wonders (1859 Magazine)


Where can you find us?

Enterprise, Oregon

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- The Dollar Stretcher

- Ruby Peak Naturals

- Terminal Gravity Brewing

Joseph, Oregon

- East Fork Brewing

- Winding Waters River Expeditions

La Grande, Oregon

- Side A Brewing

Walla Walla, Washington

- The Green Lantern

Portland, Oregon

- Revel Meat Co.


Corriente Cattle, a true heritage breed.

The Corriente can be traced back to the first cattle brought to the new world by the Spanish as early as 1493. These cattle were hardy breeds chosen especially to withstand the ocean crossing and adapt to their new land. They were brought to the West Indies and south Florida, as well as Central and South America. Over the centuries the descendants of these cattle were bred for different purposes – milk, meat and draft animals. They also adapted through natural selection to the various regions in which they lived. Eventually, their descendants spread across the southern U.S. and up the coast of California.

The Corriente allows us to manage by mimicking nature, they are the closest thing to wild cattle. Since the instincts of a herd animal are still present, they tend to bunch together and move often through various terrain, using minimum water and having a light impact on the land.

We have a limited number of registered breeding stock and roping steers available for purchase each year,

Call 541-398-0016 for information.



Ranch Management

     We use horses, dogs and fences to manage our cattle. We use cattle to manage our grass, soil and land. We use our land to protect open spaces, healthy wildlife populations and clean water. Everything is connected and we do our best to facilitate the cycle. 

    We use intensive grazing practices and work closely with local and regional agencies to take on restoration and conservation projects on our private ground. Check out Grande Ronde Model Watershed for more information about The Wallowa River Projects. (photographed left)

    We care deeply for the welfare of our animals. Every living creature deserves a good life filled with purpose, play and health. 6 Ranch beef is an ethically sourced, 100% grass-fed, hormone free, beyond organic product.