Is your beef organic?      Yes. We are not certified organic, although at one time we were certified through The Food Alliance and have always met or exceeded the standards of GAP, USDA Organic, ect. Our policy has been one of complete transparency. You are always welcome to come see the ranch and look at the cows, our pastures, water and anything else that may have you curious. Our cows are never given antibiotics or  growth hormones, they do not have access to pesticides, we never feed grain or anything other than grass. We manage our cattle in a way that mimics nature and wild animals. This is as close as you can get to eating a wild cow. 

Can I still order a quarter/half/whole share of beef?      Yes. Well, sort of. Each box is equal to a quarter share of beef, so if you wanted a whole share you would want to order 4 boxes. Our intention in moving away from the share option is to create a more streamline and convenient ordering process for you and to allow our butchers (whom we consider to be artists and experts in their craft) to cut each carcass in a way that gives you the very best.  Each animal is processed into 4 equal shares and any extra trim is ground and sold in our 20 lb burger boxes. 

Is it expensive?      Yes. This is always a difficult question for us, so let's break it into a couple of different ways this question gets asked. I see there are less expensive options out there for buying shares of animals, how do you decide your price? Great question!  With the variety box model you are not paying for the hanging weight, of which only about 60% ends up in your freezer. You are also not paying for the kill fee or the cut and wrap fees at processing. Along with that we take care of all the middle man business from packing, ordering and delivering with no extra fees. At our retail prices each box would cost about $760. Check out our blog for a video on what is inside a box. I can buy beef for 2.99/lb at the grocery store why would I spend so much on your product? Because we are not selling our beef through the commodity market, we choose our price based on the return we need to make for the year in order to continue running the ranch. We choose how many animals we graze each year based on the amount of grass, water and winter we will have. Sometimes the choice to stay small comes with a higher cost which is reflected in the cost of our product. Land stewardship is the job of the rancher and it does not pay. We sell our products to make a living and those products are healthy for you, the consumer. When you buy your beef from us, we get to keep doing what we are the best at, taking care of the land.