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Four Variety Boxes (Whole)


Each animal harvested is broken down into 4 equal boxes, averaging 50lbs, we call each of these boxes a Variety Box. After the animals are harvested and hang for 10 days to dry age the meat. Our butchers, who are undoubtly aritists, break down each carcass into a selection of roasts, steaks, stew meat, burger and tenderloin.

35% Steaks

28% Roasts

20% Burger

6% Sliced Shank

6% Ribs

5% BBQ Cuts (Brisket, Skirt, Ect.) 


Want to make sure you get something specific? Just give us a call and, if possible, we can add to your order.  541-398-0446

  • Refund Policy

    We are happy to refund your money and cancel your order up to 30 days in advance and with a 25% charge. Questions or concerns about this? Please give us a call.