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Grass-Fed Corriente Beef

6 Ranch beef is an ethically sourced,100% grass-fed, hormone free, beyond organic product.

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Intentional Grazing
Regenerative Grazing

Grass-fed cattle are more than healthy meat.

Grazing animals play a vital role in the health of the soil and grass, we use cattle as tools for creating and maintaining healthy grasslands, rangelands and wetlands. By observing the abundance and diversity of desired plants, bugs, birds, fish and wildlife we can make decisions on how we graze the land year after year. At times we may intensively graze areas to get a heavy hoof impact and fertilization on the ground. Other places we may move the cattle off of riparian areas to higher ground each day to ensure desired utilization of native bunch grasses. It all depends on what we are learning from nature, we believe that all things are connected and as ranchers, we do our best to simply facilitate the cycle. 

We are not third party certified.

We don't have any outside auditing that holds us to standards like organic or humane but we have a policy of complete transparency with our customers. If you have any questions about the ranch, the cattle or anything else, please let us know. We hold ourselves to very high standards of animal welfare, land stewardship, food quality and overall fairness. Our beef is grass-fed and finished, hormone-free and we don't use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

Beef Shares

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 Grass-Fed Corriente Beef TODAY.

Animals are harvested at the end of grass season in AUGUST.

Frozen beef is delivered to a pick-up location


Buy Local

We sell our beef in USDA inspected retail cuts at our on site farmstand store and at our local grocery stores in Wallowa County. Plus our burger is available at several restaurants and pubs, click on the link to find the one nearest you.


We seasonally offer our beef in shares, or variety boxes, that are equally to a quarter share of beef. And we deliver all over the Pacific Northwest. Scroll down to purchase your share today!

The Ranch primarily produces Grass-Fed beef but we also have bees around making honey, chickens laying eggs, a green house full of produce and a few grass-fed lambs each year. Along with goods from our neighbors we sell these products in our on site store, Liza Jane's Farmstand. Come by! It is always open. 

Find a 6 Ranch Burger 

At Local Restaurants 

Buy Individual USDA Cuts 

Liza Jane's Farmstand has the Best Prices