Corriente Cattle

The rare breed (pun intended).

The Corriente can be traced back to the first cattle brought to the new world by the Spanish as early as 1493. These cattle were hardy breeds chosen especially to withstand the ocean crossing and adapt to their new land. They were brought to the West Indies and south Florida, as well as Central and South America. Over the centuries the descendants of these cattle were bred for different purposes – milk, meat and draft animals. They also adapted through natural selection to the various regions in which they lived. Eventually, their descendants spread across the southern U.S. and up the coast of California. {source:}

Why do we like them? The Corriente allows us to manage by mimicking nature, they are the closest thing to wild cattle. Since the instincts of a herd animal are still present, they tend to bunch together and move often through various terrain, using minimum water and having a light impact on the land. 

Why should you like them? Grass-fed Corriente Beef is flavorful, lean and nutritious. Because The Corriente is small framed and athletic, their meat is small portioned and naturally less fatty. Did we mention the flavor? You've never had beef like this.